Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 3 of 29

What I Gave: 
I live in NJ. Despite  being (in)famous for the Jersey Shore, Sopranos, and is also one of the few states (I believe 1 out of 3) where gas stations are full extra charge...all the time. Today was a rainy, cold night. "Fill it up regular, please".  The young, probably college aged, gas attendant took my debit card, filled my tank, handed me back my card and began to walk back to the center island. I called for him out the window and gave him a tip. He looked at me like I was crazy and laughed. I laughed to. Nothing big...but fun and a surprise.

What I Received:
Now these are better stories!!  I received WAY more today than I think the total of all things I gave in a year's time. 
1) My 11:45am Facebook status:
Cazzie Antoinette just saw the most beautiful thing. A man in roughly his 80s was walking down the street with a cane and a full brimmed rain hat. A young woman and her male companion were walking his way. As they neared him, he stopped, tipped his hat, smiled and said Good Day. HOW WONDERFUL! What a gift to see!

2) The picture is hard to see here. Sorry. I thought the notebook on the floor was another one of the typical messes made by a house full of boys. When I picked it up, it was a letter written by Boy 4, 8 years old. Here's what it said (I am not correcting any grammatical or spelling errors. To me, it's perfect as it is).
Dear Ms. Lubabat,
I heard you had cancur. I pray for you everyday I wish you as you are in the bed.  I think about you. I love you and wish you the best. :) I will ask friends and aldults to try to donate to you. Made this picture for you.
Love, Cazzie's son Jonah
And he drew a picture of Lubabat in a bed. The word "Florida" was written above it. The words "You are the Best" were written below.  Underneath that picture, was a picture of Jonah in his room. He drew a caption bubble which read "I wish her the best."  Then he drew a smiley face with long hair and wrote the word "Smile" and drew an arrow pointing at the picture with the word "you".   I will mail this to Lubabat in the morning. 

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