Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 2 Of 29

What did I give: I gave Ms. Cazzie-time. Ms. Cazzie is what I am called by my students and friends of my four sons. Boy 1 (my oldest son) is currently playing AAU basketball. Today's game was at 8pm, over an hour drive away. By 4:30pm, two of his friends had sent me text messages asking I could take them to the game. I pulled out my driveway at 6:30pm to go to two different towns to pick up a total of four extra boys to take to the game. The car ride with five teenage boys discussing everything from the 2007 NFL draft to how best to comb their hair in the morning, was to say the least...interesting. In the end, my "boys" won 40-10.
What I received: I received confirmation that at least one person in the world appreciates my pony-tails. (That may not seem like a lot to you, but it made me smile and laugh till my eyes hurt!) Long live Ms. Cazzie's pony-tails!

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