Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Eight Eyes

I am the mother of four sons, ergo "My Eight Eyes". They watch everything I do and I am blessed to see the world through their eyes, as well. I created this blog, because, quite frankly, I was asked to. Originally, I rejected the idea. I am not a fan of public displays of ANYTHING, so the idea of strange folks having access to my thoughts is not attractive. I am, however, addicted to Facebook, but with four children those 420 characters per status update are not enough to capture my daily ins and outs to its full capacity.  Thus the request for this blog.

Additionally, I am a self proclaimed craft whore. This blog stuff gives me a space to post the items I create. That's a cool bonus. So, I'm going to give this blogging stuff a try. Maybe I will like it. Maybe I won't. However, and most importantly, I can show my boys that I, at least, tried to move past my comfort zone.  Let's just take it from day at a time.

Walk good,


  1. I am delighted that you began this journey. I look forward to your blog posts. I know they will spark laughter,intrigue,happiness and even sadness along the way but more importantly I know they will speak the's who you are Caz, The Truth, whether we like it or not.

    Peace & Fish Grease.........

  2. Thanks for your words of motivation. Thanks for coming on this journey with me.