Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Open Letter To "My Sister" and All Who Have Given Birth To An Angel

Foremost, I love you. You are love. It is so. So it is.
My intention is not to comfort you, because I respect the journey of healing, which requires first pain. My intention is not to mask my sadness while attempting to carry yours by wishing this whole thing away. My intention , however, is to illuminate what is, such that this experience is not something that you run from, forget or wear as a burden. This experience is truly, if you allow yourself to listen to the inner voice from whenst truth comes, is truly, my sister, a miracle. An event for you to be proud of. A role for you to accept with dignity and mask from no one. My sister, tomorrow you will birth an angel. I will not accept the language of "still birth" or the new age language of  a baby "born sleep."  That child is alive with the love of God through wish He brought to you, directly to  and through you. My sister, tomorrow you will birth an angel. A perfect being.  A perfect being who knows no sorrows, knows no pain, creates no sorrow, creates no pain. She is angel. My sister, tomorrow you will birth an angel. How rare a blessing to be the mother of a perfect angel! Yes, we love our children here on this planet and in our eyes they may indeed be "perfect". But we know that angels from God are truly his only perfect creation in human body form. Be blessed with the knowledge that he chose you to be the vessel to which an angel has been brought to the world. It is the angels that carry God's message. It is the angels the serve the throne of Heaven. It is said that there are no angels who minister to this earth but those who belong to it. She is being born tomorrow onto this earth so that she ascend to Heaven in order to minister to those of us here on this earth. That perfect being, that angel,  is your daughter, my sister.  Join me, when you can, and I know that day will come, and let's rejoice and celebrate the miracle of YOU being the mother of God's chosen angel. My sister, tomorrow you will birth an angel.

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